Preventing & Reversing Heart Disease without Surgery 
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Cardia Health Care is a unique and worry free Non - Invasive Heart Care Center for the Treatment of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) which is a common type of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD). We are equipped with the latest equipment which matches international standards in terms of standards and safety. Our Expert team includes India’s top Cardiologist with experts and experienced staff to look after the patients. Along with treatment we are highly committed to educate the patients on lifestyle, prevention & reversal of heart disease, and diabetics.
At Cardia Health Care patients are treated who are suffering from Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) or Arterial Blockage, Angina, Hypertension, Chest Pain and Diabetes Patients who don’t want to go for Angioplasty or Bypass Surgery, Patients who have Failed CABG (Bypass Surgery) or PTCA ( Coronary Angioplasty) or even who cannot afford the expensive surgical treatment (Angioplasty & Bypass Surgery).
Cardia Health Care is dedicated to non – surgical USA - FDA approved treatment commonly known as EECP / ECP (Enhanced External Counterpulsation) and BCA (Bio Chemical Angioplasty) or ACT (Artery Clearance Therapy) with significant lifestyle changes. At Cardia Health Care, we conduct the most comprehensive Cardiac Rehabilitation and Reversal program to prevent & reverse the heart diseases (Arterial Blockage).
Beside Treatment & Rehabilitation we provide complete Cardiac Investigation including, ECG, TMT, ECHO, CT Coronary Angiography & Stress Thallium at highly discounted price.
Chelation Therapy or BCA
ECP/EECP or Natural Bypass
Cardiac Rehabilitation
Diabetes Rehabilitation
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